Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pellegrino Polyvore

While drinking some of this the other day...

I thought to myself I really love that bottle... wouldn't a room based around that be cute?

So I played around in Polyvore and wouldn't you know it Anthro had the perfect bottle green leather sofa, so here is how I imagined a Pellegrino room would look...

Sorry the layering seems to be a problem, need to figure out how to fix that. But it was fun. A lot more color than I am used to, but I love it!!

Pellegrino Polyvore

I love those industrial brass lamps, I don't know why the source isn't listed here. But somehow they reminded me of the bottle and the cap...

Atelier Chesterfield, Bottle Green
$5,998 - anthropologie.com

Chairs Restoration Hardware
$395 - restorationhardware.com

Le Versha Chair, Red
$248 - anthropologie.com

London Rail Clock Clocks Restoration Hardware
$229 - restorationhardware.com

Free Trade Pouf
$109 - urbanoutfitters.com

Home Office Restoration Hardware

Thursday, August 11, 2011

{great intentions...pour vous}


I can't believe it's already been seven months since my last "check-in". I have been meaning to post... I have... {great intentions}.

I miss blogging, I miss all of you, I miss expressing myself creatively. And I have finally come to grips with the fact that it's my blog and I can blog when I want... meaning if I can only blog once a month, so be it. No need to feel bad, I'm just going to do it when I have the time and the mood strikes. No pressure. ;-)

I have a bunch of projects I'm working on in the paint/decor/furniture refinishing categories, but also suddenly have a bunch of real-life real estate work and my little one is having hernia surgery in a couple of weeks {deep breath} so I am going to give you a smattering of pictures from my house... since it's been soooo long. Peeking into others homes is one of my favorite things to do on blogs, so here is a little peek around mi casa. I have changed so many things in the last couple of years... and I still don't really know how to apply textures so I fooled around in Photoscape {not Photoshop} and this is what i came up with. Forgive me that they are terrible and not nearly as good as so many bloggers... I am learning and obviously have a lot to learn.

Scenes from my bedroom...

...an edited photo

...unedited. See?

My little $1 garage sale silver plate tray loaded with vintage bottles from antique stores, garage sales, my Grandmother's backyard, Michaels, you name it. And the little clocks {the one on the left I bought in NC at an antique fair/flea market when I was just a little girl and the one on the right was my Grandmother's and sat on her dresser} are set to my daughters birth times: 2:11 and 7:17, an idea I picked up somewhere along the way in blogland...

living room pillows... I am obsessed

A collection of sea-glass colored bottles on my dining room table... only one is old {the little one} the big one was a TJ Maxx clearance score, and the other one... well let's just say it might look like the kind Pottery Barn sells that are "found" but let's just say I "found" mine at Olive Garden, LOL, after finishing a large bottle of wine at dinner with my family one night. Suddenly I saw the bottle in a whole 'nother light and it "found" it's way into my large straw bag ;-) what can I say, I got my $ worth!

My favorite little display area in my living room...

Another of my favorite displays... this one in my entry hall on top of a bookcase. Many stories about the items here and hope to post about it soon.

"Pour Vous" the lamp I recently found at TJ Maxx... love!! {excuse me in my pajamas in the reflection!}

Hope you enjoyed the little peek around my house and thanks for sticking with me! I know I have some recent followers and you guys are the best because I know I have been very sporadic! Hope you're all doing well, enjoying your summer, and check back soon.