Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Happy Update...

Hi girls,

I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to post! A month or so ago we received word that we received a permanent loan modification on our home! Yippee!!! It was a HUGE relief and I'm so excited to stay in our home!

My younger daughter will start school next year at the same school as her big sissy. Their school is wonderful and just received a California Distinguished School honor. So happy we don't have to worry about switching schools and moving! Thank you all for checking in on me and for your kind words and thoughts! sorry I don't have any pix to share today, but I decided I had waited long enough to update this ol' blog so here you have it. I reallllllllly wanted to get back into blogging by the first of the year but we've been so dang busy it just seems to be on the backburner. But I think of all of you all the time and still read your blogs! My commenting habits are sporadic at best but I love you all! Mwah!