Monday, November 12, 2012

Hola... and an amazing blog for you

Hello world...

Not sure if anyone is even reading at this point! I have not forgotten this blog and actually am planning on returning to blogging very soon, now that my life has settled down. Until then, I had to pop in and say hi! I miss the creative outlet this blog brings. And I miss sharing things with all of you.

Like one of my favorite blogs - The Willows. The Willows is located in Phoenix, AZ and although I have never been there {yet} it is one of my favorite blogs. I first discovered Beverly in a book I bought years ago called Family Spaces. I discovered her blog a couple of years ago and it is to die for! She has such a way with styling that is so chic yet so effortless. I love, love, love her combination of rustic luxe with european chic. It's just the best. Here is a little sampling from a recent post, but please do yourself a favor and get a cup of coffee and give yourself an hour or two to look through her blog. I promise you will come away inspired.

*to look at amazing eye candy of her shop, look for posts entitled "around the shop"

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Without further adieu... photos from The Willows Home and Garden


*pps I don't know how to edit those annoying white boxes around my links, so sorry!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Happy Update...

Hi girls,

I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to post! A month or so ago we received word that we received a permanent loan modification on our home! Yippee!!! It was a HUGE relief and I'm so excited to stay in our home!

My younger daughter will start school next year at the same school as her big sissy. Their school is wonderful and just received a California Distinguished School honor. So happy we don't have to worry about switching schools and moving! Thank you all for checking in on me and for your kind words and thoughts! sorry I don't have any pix to share today, but I decided I had waited long enough to update this ol' blog so here you have it. I reallllllllly wanted to get back into blogging by the first of the year but we've been so dang busy it just seems to be on the backburner. But I think of all of you all the time and still read your blogs! My commenting habits are sporadic at best but I love you all! Mwah!