Friday, April 17, 2009

Would you....

...give me your opinion on these chairs? I am looking for a pair of occasional chairs to make a small seating area in my family room where we have our kitchen/dining table. I would be putting the chairs up against the long wall and have a small french inspired table in between them. Their purpose would be to sit and have a cup of coffee, chat with a friend or enjoy the nearby fireplace. Or if I'm preparing a meal, 2 of my guests could be sitting in these chairs which would face the kitchen and allow for conversation.

The cushions are terrible and would need to be replaced, but should I be going more for an upholstered look, or would these suit my needs? What do you think??? I want to know. They are 2 for $90, by the way, if that should influence your decision at all...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

{french kitchen}

I have some ideas for upcoming posts, but until they come to fruition, I am stuck. So I'm playing around again on Polyvore. In real life I've always had to make do with so many furnishings I already own or were given to me and such a lack of a budget, so it's such a trip to be able to pick out anything you want and build a look. So addicting!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

you asked for it...the infamous article

This was a nightmare to scan in... sorry if the quality is crappy. I love her use of neutrals but with a decidedly french flavor. I think her accessories are great, love the placement of everything, and the couch is very similar to mine, so it's inspiring. Her dining room is almost perfect... if that was a rustic farm table, beat up and raw, it would be perfect. But skip all my yacking and without further adieu, here is the infamous article. Hope you like it as much as I do... it's now being stored in my favorites file...

p.s. This just goes to show that even random, weirdness {to me anyway, hope I'm not offending anyone but admit it, it's completely dorky} like Country Sampler can have a good article now and then. I look at everything in the decor section on the newsstand because you never know...

Monday, April 13, 2009


There are few things more inspiring to me than apothecaries: the bottles, the labels, the history. I am totally intrigued by old bottles and the labels on them, not to mention the stores they used to be sold in. Just for fun, I'm doing a whole post on the things that inspire me so much.

Vintage store displays

modern day apothecary from annette62 on flickr

an antique apothecary jar found in my grandmother's backyard
antique apothecary containers

Verbena, Sally's apothecary in the movie Practical Magic

an antique apothecary set

a fantastic Absinthe bar... not really apothecary but it has that flavor. And it's fabulous so who cares? did you note the peely-paint walls and the amazing mirror???

a private apothecary collection
an apothecary inspired repro cabinet

JR Watkins: modern day apothecary products at an affordable rate

the ultimate in french apothecary: Cote Bastide

french apothecary labels courtesy of The Graphics Fairy.

Hope you enjoy...


Thanks to all who answered. I found it. In the one place I refused to look because I swore it wouldn't be in there. Duh. Boy do I feel stupid.

I'm so happy I might just scan the whole d&*@&%* thing and post it for your viewing pleasure.

FYI, it was from Country Sampler 2008. OMG.

a little favor from moi... and a prize...

Hi ladies,

Hope you had a lovely weekend! I have a favor to ask you...

A while back {not exactly sure how long ago, but probably within the last year} there was an article in either Romantic Country, Budget Decor, or one of those type of magazines {I think}that featured artist Kimberly Poloson's home. It was called 'On Neutral Ground' or 'Neutral Territory' or something like that. It was all about her neutral decor and french style.

I am desperately seeking that article and cannot for the life of me find it in my 500+ magazine stash. Do you have any idea what magazine it was in? All you french lovers... if you're also magazine obsessed like me you will know what article I'm talking about, hopefully!

Edited to add: I have decided to sweeten the pot by awarding a small prize from my home to the first person who can tell me which magazine and issue this article was in.

Looking forward to your responses! Sorry for the boring post...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

...what I can't live without...

The cheapest and the best. I have at least 3 cups a day with milk or cream.

The best dish soap. Ever. Not only does it look cute on your sinktop, it cleans like the dickens and never allows your sponge to mold. Excellent.

This stuff smells fantastic, shines up granite counters and wood tables alike, and is the best quick-i-better-clean-cuz-someone's-coming-over-in-5-minutes product you can find. Your guests will thank you.

Thrifting. Because who can resist a great Goodwill story?

Dishes. Lots of 'em. No matter how my decor changes, white dishes {particularly ironstone} are a mainstay for me. I have them all over the house and I never tire of their shapes, their creaminess, their patina.

Flea Markets. Inspiration galore, fabulous finds for a steal, my most favorite thing to do.

Other bloggers. How else would I find this image of the most enchanted garden party I've ever seen? Found on The World According to Isa, my new blog crush.

My husband and kids, naturally.

Even when they make a huge mess...

What's on your can't live without list?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

{vintage paris}

had a little fun on Flickr tonight... thought I'd share.

tattered & fabulous

simple & serene

just the right amount of age


lovely ladies...
so bohemian

tattered bohemian

like a dream
a must-have...

an all-time fave image of mine...

paris.... in sepia tones. perfection.