Monday, June 29, 2009

bon apetit

Even though my dining room is "finished", i still tweak stuff over and over. And lately I've been finding some of the best dining room photos for inspiration. There seems to be a theme to what I like and I have to keep reminding myself that i have some of these very same elements...

this is one of my very favorite dining rooms from Cottage Living. Love the wall color, the chunky table, the fantastic striped end chairs, the b&w photos, all of it. not to mention the rug.

Again, another favorite from CL. I too have a chunky wood table, grey-green walls, mismatched chairs, crystal chandelier.

Love the frames... the drapes are really pretty and the symmetry is nice, although it's a little too formal for my taste. But elements of it are nice.

What even needs to be said about this? The texture of the chairs is amazing and I love the updated dark grey paint. Also love all the white dishes, which I too have an abundance of.

This is just plain adorable.

Love the simple centerpiece and the striking chairs.

Again, I love the symmetry and that bench and chairs are great with the old table. Such a good mix of old/new and high/low.

Love the slips, and the stacks of white dishes, glassware, fresh greenery and textured basket.
And some repeats, but they're also some of my faves so I'm putting them all in one location. Please forgive me...

So charming...

So what I take away from this is:

I love my walls.
I love my table and chairs.
I love my drapes.
I love all my white dishes.
I love my crystal chandelier.

{click here if you want to see what the heck I'm talking about although I've tweaked it pretty darn good since then...}

I have thinned everything out, accessorized less, and pared down to the basics of what i really love:
texture, white dishes, some tarnished silver, cloches, and my beloved botanical prints, plus a tray of different candleholders as a simple but interesting centerpiece {I know, a picture would be worth a thousand words here, duh me I am so lazy right now}.

So the question is:
Why do I continue to look at all the eye candy out there? Am I ever really satisfied? People compliment me all the time on my "style" and yet I never seem to feel satisfied internally. It is something I am working on. I am so grateful for what I have and yet I always think I could do something better. Does this ring any bells with you? I mean, can you relate???


Nora said...

Your dining room is one of those that I would put in my inspiration folder. It is so beautiful. I love the wall color and the offset with the white plates. So clean and calming. Thank you for sharing!

Jen r. said...

I do that all the time. I think every room in my house is a constant work in progress...Love your DR!

Chris said...

I just added three of these dining rooms to my files yesterday, and now you've shown me even more! How will I ever decide which dining room to copy? Thanks!

La Maison Fou said...

It is the constant viewing that keeps us true to our own style. One is able to take in all the things out there, edit and if there are certain thing that "speak" to you then these are the things that feel right to you. Yes, we can get bombarded by all the style s out there but it is the internal or external editing that breaks down each individual style & the more exposed you are to design, the better prepared you are to make your own style. You can live through the periods, trends, and styles to examine what appeals to you.
At least that is how I have evolved through the years ....
You do not even have to buy buy but be exposed, and your own likes / dislikes will help you create a style of your own.
By the way, I love the long "Pcific" basket chandelier!

Chris said...

It sounds just like me , there is always ore work to be done , its because it is fun to decorate to create , your home is your canvas ??? mine sure is.

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Oh my goodness. I am EXACTLY like that. I think it's part of being creative. Feeling the need to mix things up. I don't think it is being ungrateful. That's the fun of decorating.

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Oh, and I have Sooooo been wanting some metal chairs like they have in the last picture. They have them in the PB catalog right now, but they are $220 a piece...a little rich for my blood. I'm keeping my out!

Lisa said...

I just re-did our breakfast room. Moved the furniture, took some things off the walls to look less "busy," and swapped some seating. I like it better.

I don't think it's that we're not satisfied, I think it's more of a curiosity as to what else might we be able to do in a space.

And also, I think that if I leave something the same way for too long, it tends to fade into the background and I don't notice it.