Monday, December 15, 2008

Husbands, Monograms & My $14 Clock

So I got this darling black frame at Ross yesterday for $1.49. Decided it was the perfect size for a little monogram. Made up a little monogram in Word. Debated on who's initial to put first, me or hubby. Decided that since my Tiffany monogrammed family bracelet had his initial first on our charm, I would go out on a limb and put my initial first.

2 minutes in the door from work and hubs is already talking about how his name isn't first and this "speaks volumes" {insert giggles here}. He was joking but I knew it was actually bugging him.

So what's a girl to do? Go open up that monogram in Word and reverse the letters, that's what. I decided I wouldn't have his last name at all if he didn't have it first and just because my initial is second does not make me inferior. Now don't go all women's lib on me and start emailing me. I don't care. I'm glad my hubby is happy now.

And that he's forgiven me for the next totally unnecessary but essential to life purchase.

My $50 clock.

Reduced to $20 in Mervyn's going out of business sale.

Further reduced to $14 by darling clerk who heard me remark to my Mom that the feet were a bit wobbly. I. Love. It.

I stuck some stick-on furniture pad things on the bottom of the feet to even them out {cut to fit, of course} and now she's sittin' pretty. Ain't she cute???


Inspired Kara said...

That clock is such a great deal!! Very cute.

Wendy said...

You know what "speaks volumes"? That you love your hubby enough to do something as small as reversing the letters on a monogram just to make him happy. That's sweet. (and the monogram is lovely in that little frame - I'm going to go find me a little frame with a round hole just so I can do that!)

southerninspiration said...

Love the monogram, love the clock, love that you wanted to make hubby happy! they don't get much of that in this world!

Jeanneoli said...

I think it is sweet that you changed the monogram...and you got the clock too:-)

Kari said...

You guys are so supportive! Thank you for giving me an audience to write about my life. And thanks for your kind words about the monogram - so nice to see that you didn't get all gloria steinem on me! I do love my hubby and was so glad I could make him happy on such a little thing. Honestly I don't care who's initial is first. Love ya!

Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage said...

I love your monogram and agree with Wendy...that you love your husband and want to see him!

Laurel MacD said...

I love any monogram - and you can tell your hubby that on monogramchick she tells us the woman's initial goes first. That being said, my husbands initial is first on all of our towels and pillows. It's the way he likes it, and just like you, I like to make him happy!

Kasey said...

I love the little clock!