Sunday, September 21, 2008

Inspirational Images

Here are some great images I've collected and held onto and love to reference for style ideas. To me, this is the most fun part of blogging - sharing and viewing amazing eyecandy. Hope you enjoy!

Love everything about this: the plain white bedding with simple ruffle and lace edging, the burlap pillow, the grey throw at the end of the bed, the crystal chandelier. And the crate/pallet headboard is pretty cool too. Perfection.
*photo credit: Curious Sofa

This is truly my idea of the perfect shop. Would *love* to browse this area.
*photo credit: Curious Sofa

Again, total perfection. Love the burlap, the linen pillow, the urn, the plinth, everything.
*photo credit: Curious Sofa

And a symphony in white with texture everywhere.
*photo credit: Curious Sofa

Love the tattered victorian flavor of this baby shower for Lisa Rinna by Bountiful Home.

This is probably my dream room - you could enter it through an old door in the garden....
*photo credit: Bountiful Home

Love the vintage/bohemian flavor of this kitchen by Ralph Lauren, and the rustic, vintage elements

I would do anything for galvanized feeding troughs for my vegetable garden. Next year when I plant it, I am hunting these babies down on craigslist. Could it be any more rustic or charming?

*photo credit: someone's blog but I don't remember who.... got this months and months ago copied to my hard drive... I think it's maybe pics of Willow Nest (?)


Jerri Lynn @ Southern Sassyness said...

Always love a little burlap thrown into the mix! Great pictures - thanks for sharing!

Layla said...

These photos make me so happy.
That first one is TOO DIE FOR.
I HAVE to copy that, in some way, shape or form.

The Lettered Cottage

No.35style said...

I love the white bedding, too. I've been to Curious Sofa when it was located in downtown KC. Loved it and would like to see the new location.

Reese and Marie said...

Oh my gosh, no.35style - YOU HAVE BEEN TO THE MECCA??? I think you are the only person I "know" that has been there! Do you have any pictures??????

Tausha said...

Just found your blog! I love it and you are one rocking decorating chick!
I love your style and how you are a refurbisher of all things old!
Love that you are so talented and decide to share it with us!
Thanks again!
Please stop by and say hello!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, just found your blog via Holly's and have to say, it's beautiful. Love your style & I see we have a love of yardsales in commone, as well as hang out with some of the same bloggers.

I'm going to add you to my blogroll too. Come by & see me when you get a minute!


Inspired Kara said...

Offically obsessed with your blog.

Welcome to my google reader list!

No.35style said...

No, no pictures. I went about 4 years ago when she was still in her downtown location, which was small. It was a cute storefront. I'd love to see her new space which appears to be a whole lot larger.

Reese and Marie said...

Hello to Tausha, Rhoda and Kara - thanks for visiting me! I'm glad you all are enjoying the pictures. No.35 style - couldn't you just move into the Curious Sofa? I think I could...