Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Seeking Inspiration

I am slated to start work refurbishing a dresser for my sister. We (I) found a fantastic deal for a vintage bureau/dresser and attached mirror for my sister for a very, very low price. Now, I have to shabby it up for her. I plan to sand and prime, and that's where the inspiration stops.

I just recently finished her headboard (pics to come soon) and took it from a very busy, very rainbow-ish indonesian arched wood design to a more mellow coffee-with-cream with robins egg blue accents. Very pretty. I don't want the dresser to compete, so I am not sure if I will just go with a mellow, smooth, coffee-with-cream finish similar to my coffee table, or if we should go the chocolate brown route.

I have googled "chocolate brown painted dresser" and versions of that several times to no avail. I know I have seen pictures of this type of thing, but I have about 300 magazines in my repertoire and no real filing system to speak of, so I need some direction.

Do any of you fellow decorating fanatics have any idea where I could find pics of a painted dresser possibly in chocolate brown, or another great color that would go with a beachy, robins egg blue, green, and white theme with brown accents?

I'd be much obliged.


Shabby Mama said...

i dont know about choc brown but i do know i am in love with bright robins egg blue dressers or even an aqua color..i have been daydreaming about baby girl nurseries and i think I would do a dresser that color If given the chance;; but i am terrible at finding pictures online;;

Reese and Marie said...

I think that's a great idea. I am thinking of a fairly recent BHG article I clipped about a woman who painted her chest of drawers turquoise and it was in her blue-and brown bedroom... it was really cute. The only problem is that the walls of this bedroom are partially blue already, so it might be too much. I will probably recommend a coffee-with-cream finish with turquoise glass or milkglass knobs. I think it would be really cool like that.