Saturday, September 6, 2008

My First Post

To anyone who might possibly be reading this,

This is my first blog post! I am not new to blogging - I have many favorite blogs that I visit on a regular basis. However, I rarely post on others blogs since I didn't have my own blog to link back to.

That is finally about to change! I hope to share some of my style with the blog world, as well as project ideas for people with expensive taste and limited budgets (like me!)
I am a married, 33 year old Mom of 2 wonderful girls, Neva Marie, 4, and Ava Reese, 15 months. There is another clue as to why I haven't started blogging until now. :-)

I inherited my decorating gene and love of old, castoff items from my dairy-farm-raised Grandmother and my very eclectic, antique loving parents. I come from 2 generations of interior designers as well as a family of Realtors and photographers, so my interest in home design comes quite naturally. I have spent countless hours designing and redesigning my own humble abode and I hope to be in touch with those who have similar interests!

*photo source Rachel Ashwell/Shabby Chic


The Nester said...

Hello Reese and Marie Mom!

Wait, what should I call you? Is that ok? So glad you started a blog--I have a feeling that you have a ton of fantastic ideas that we will all be wanting to copy!

Welcome to blogland!

Reese and Marie said...

Be still my beating heart. I cannot believe you came to visit me! I *heart* you. Seriously, I am so way flattered right now. You can call me Kari.... my girls middle names are the name of my blog... their first names are too close sounding to have named it that. And I thought if I named it after my 2nd daughter only, like I really wanted to coz I love her name so much, the older one would in time feel left out.

OK, that's a whole 'nother post. Thank you sooooooo much for coming to visit me. I will be posting soon about my version of your "sexy back" project... stay tuned!

Reese & Marie

Nancy said...

Kari ~
I've just found your blog and over the last few days I have read every post. You have beautiful taste. I adore all that you do. I've just purchsed my first home and will be moving in a few weeks. You have provided much inspiration. I look forward to all you have to offer!