Monday, July 6, 2009

{the recipe}

Lately I've started to notice something developing in my house. I think my taste has finally evolved enough that I consistently buy things in certain categories. For example, I am always drawn to all white bedding and buy it whenever I need new bedding. I also have a lot of dishes. A lot. Most are white, some are colored, but they're in every room of my house except one. I have a lot of bird related items: feathers in urns, nests, birdcages, feather wreaths. And of course the chippy distressed wood. That's a no brainer. Given the option, I prefer painted, distressed wood over any other kind. And clocks. Gosh, my clocks are O.O.C. {that's out of control}. Right now in the kitchen/family room alone there are 3 clocks, 2 on the wall and one on the kitchen counter. It's amazing I still run late.

I think this is a good thing. I've noticed that things flow better when there is continuity in what I decorate with. Maybe I am late on this bandwagon because I know people like The Nester have this down pat. Whatever the case may be, my "recipe" is becoming clear. I think you can define your recipe by saying it's things that are repeated in your home and that you keep out no matter your current whim or decor, season or reason. They are things that really speak to "who you are" and are your perennial favorites. And the combination of these items is what makes your home have your personal signature. So here is my "recipe". Almost every one of these items appears in every room of my home.

- white bedding, white linens and white slipcovers on smaller items like chairs and pillow covers. {You know darn well I'd have all white couches if I could}

- topiaries

- urns and apothecary jars filled with natural items like eggs, feathers, greenery, and seashells

- vintage mirrors {I have them everywhere: bathrooms, dining room, master bath, bedrooms, entry way, everywhere}

- chandeliers {I have 3... dining room, master bath, and baby's room and I'd have at least 2 more if I could}

{the vintage mirror in the background should also go in the category above}

- chippy distressed wood {this is everywhere in my house, large and small pieces alike}

- bird and french related items, often together

{not many pics for this category, forgive me but trust me I've got bird and french stuff everywhere}
- white dishes, white pitchers, white sugar bowls, white white white. And dish, dish, dish. I looked and right now the only room without a dish or dishes on the wall is the office. And that's my husband's domain. Every other stinkin' room has at least one dish on the wall, even the bathrooms.

- clocks {large and small, I have at least 8 off hand that I can think of. The ticking is so comforting to me, not to mention they're just plain cool!}

- empty frames on the walls {I have a growing collection and 5 hanging in my house right now}

{I thought I had more updated pictures of my empty frame collection, but I guess not.}

Even though that seems like a lot of items, but when you sprinkle those same elements consistently through every room in your home, a flow develops. And you can swap items from room to room without too much trouble when you stick to certain buying guidelines.

So, what is your "recipe"? Is is black accents, birds nests, and shutters? Is it bird cages, mercury glass and all white frames? Is it unpolished silver and black and white photos, or monogrammed pillows and ticking stripes? I'm dying to know...


Kasey said...

obviously you know about my frame collection.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I think I'm still coming into my style. I'm always drawn to neutrals fabrics. For now, I'm still reading blogs and collecting pictures to figure it out!

southerninspiration said...

I could probably benefit from having a similar "recipe" would be the same until it changed....:)


Sarah said...

I don't have my own recipe, so I might just copy yours. :D

Chrissy said...

A recipe eh??? Good way to describe all your photos,I too have ALOT of clocks!! Away the rest of the week,hope to find a few treasures,talk soon!!

J.J. said...

love love love love love all the awesome photos! Such an inspitation! Really!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

My dear, we have so many of the same things in our recipes~~

Mary Frances said...

Clocks remind me of my son, ( at the age of four), saying, "Mom, time is just numbers!" It is who or what we "spend" time with or on that gives it meaning...and , yes they look really cool! For me it also includes fleur-de-lis(my husband is from Louisiana),rustic angels(I am an Hispanic Catholic), mercury glass, large silver-plated seashells, unusual crowns and leopard/zebra patterns with verdigris and painted metals, kilim rugs, white plates and denim...bees/beehives, candles and candle sconces and one fabulous Venetian style mirror as the cherry on top! Can you say "Jambalaya"?!
Mary Frances

Jill said...

I think my recipe is very similar to yours - I would add chalkboards (I have 3 in my house), signs that say things that speak to me, old books, black and white photos of my family.

HollyM said...

My 'signature look' is made up of the following things: multiple lamps in each room, black wrought iron accents, white/off white paint, mirrors, pottery (rather than china), and my very own obsession with clocks!

Karen Valentine said...

Hi there! I can totally relate to your decorating obsessions. We have a lot in common in that area ( the clocks, the empty picture frames, the dishes all over the house, and the love of old painted furniture!) Unfortunately my husband thinks it's a sin to paint hard wood, so there's a lot of un-painted wood in my house, but I add painted pieces whenever I can! Have a great weekend!

My Desert Cottage

Jen R. said...

I LOVE your mirrors and I never noticed how much your coffee table looks like mine! We must be decorating sisters!

d e l i g h t said...

Just found your blog this morning and have enjoyed browsing your archives. Love your style and interesting posts. A new follower.