Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Have I ever shared with you how I sometimes fantasize about packing the kids in the car and driving 8 hours to Disneyland? Not to see their precious little faces beam with joy at the rides, the characters, the magnitude of it all. Oh, no. That would be way too easy. It's because I KNOW THEY MAKE SILHOUETTES THERE.

Yes, I am admitting my shallowness, here in public, on my blog. It's my blog, I can do that. You see I am *dying* to get my kids silhouettes done. And I know some really crafty bloggers have done it themselves, but I am pretty unwieldy with scissors {ask my daughter and how Mommy needed 3 sheets of paper to cut out one lousy heart yesterday} and me and photo programs don't mix. I need professional help.

Well with all my obsessive compulsive monogram and family name sign searching on etsy, I stumbled upon something fantastic. Check it out -- you send these people your child's profile picture in a jpeg and they custom paint you a plaque, with your child's name, in your choice of colors, and ribbon, for a measly $25. Tell me this is not the cutest.thing.ever.

Maybe I am not rational since my little fantasy trip to the happiest place on earth would involve hotel rooms and whatnot, but $50 for two kids silhouettes on keepsake plaques seems pretty reasonable to me.

Check out all the color options. The example above is of course darling and would match Neva's room perfectly, but I think I would go more neutral so you could also use them elsewhere in your home. Maybe a cake batter plaque with an espresso silhouette and a golden ribbon? Or an espresso plaque and cake batter silhouette and ribbon? I don't know... the choices are endless. And you all know how i am with choices {still struggling over monogram choices for that pillow, girls!} Anyways, just thought it was too cute not to share. Find it here.

OK, just found this one and it's also pretty cute. Just $20 and found here.

That's it. This is the best ever. A silhouette + a monogram? Stop it. Oh yeah, $45? OK, I will stop it. But it comes framed. And it's a lot cheaper than a hotel room with Mickey Mouse carpet. Found here.

I'm sorry, I just can't stop. If you're into plates like I am, this would be such a great option. Imagine this mixed into a family portrait wall. But at $49 per plate, let's hope it doesn't fall and break. Found here.

OK, I'm done obsessing now. Good nite!


Kasey said...


Raining Pearls said...

I don't have any babies yet, but I think I need one for my fur baby :) I know that's silly but those are so stinking cute :)... Do share photos if you get them.

Meg said...

I love sillhouettes! I know the exact ones you are talking about at Disney... I grew up at Disney World (my dad worked there until I was a senior in HS). We had them done when me and my sisters were all little and I said when I have kids I will have theirs done there too. When my 2nd son was born, my hubby brought our oldest to disney for the weekend and surprised me with one of him. Then we went back on the baby's 1st bday and had his done as well. I love them and they are my favorite things in the house! I think a trip to Disney would be worth it!!!


Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Okay, so I love the idea of silhouettes and monograms together. Too.much.cuteness.to.handle.

Rebekah said...

There is no denying the timeless elegance of a silhouette. I love them, too. :)

bikim said...

just love them! and in black and white they do look soooooooo british.Won't they go well in any space, decor design, wall, frame?!... you name it ...
Pleaseeeeeee do share photos.
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Rosa (portugal)

p.s. I added you to my favourite blogs list.

Marie said...

Oh my, what great finds. I love the framed ones! And the plate? Get outta here. So cute. You are right, they are definitely keepsakes so I wouldn't mind paying a little more for such a sweet thing. I had to LOL what you said about Disneyland's silhouette shop. We just went there for Emma's b-day and it was on my list to have done, but the line was too long.


Chrissy said...

You are so funny....I do the same thing once I get an idea in my head!! They are all nice,and a great keepsake,talk to you soon!!!