Monday, July 20, 2009

anniversary shopping

My anniversary {7 years} is in 2 weeks and my parents are giving us cold hard cash as a present. I think it's a great present, the very best kind actually. It allows me to go virtual shopping weeks in advance and dream of what I could buy with the money. I come up with hundreds {well, not really hundreds} of combinations of things. But right now, I am focused on a few "need to have" pieces for my home. I'm not super sappy in that it has to be something of heirloom quality -- I'd rather spend the money on small purchases that will add to the overall ambiance of my home, or on things that I'd love but wouldn't necessarily buy myself. Some people might find this crazy, but my husband doesn't mind, it's practical, and it entertains me for hours on end.

First up is a nice linen barrel shade for my recent Goodwill lamp purchase, blogged about here.

What do you think? Pretty cool for $24.99 at Tarjay, yes? Find it here

Next up is a monogrammed pillow, a must. I have wanted one for eons, and I think it's something really special and very worthy of an anniversary present. I have scoured etsy, but right now my favorite pillows are on Check out what you can get for a mere $26 with a FREE monogram:

That's right -- an 18" square pillow with the insert people, and a free monogram, for just $26. And guess what? It comes in several shades of linen, and that fabric I love to hate: burlap. I may just have to break my own rule and get me a burlap pillow with a big fat monogram in chocolate brown on it. Or maybe I'll get the hemp linen. I imagine that would have that same natural, burlap-y look without the scratchy fibers and shedding. I think I can't lose either way with this.
Unless of course I get this size, for just $22... this would look really cute in a pair on matching armchairs.

Let's go over the most optimum fabric choices for the 18" size, shall we? I want something neutral that could be moved from bedroom to living room without burning your eyeballs out, and that could match any number of decor choices in the future. That means I'm getting a neutral. But which one?

Hemp Linen - luscious if I do say so

Caramel Twill - classic and would hold up well as well as match almost anything

Camel Velvet - would feel wonderful to the touch

Burlap baby - So good, yet so bad

Then again, I could do something wild and crazy {for me} like toffee check:

OK, maybe not. It might be too busy for me, not sure. I think I like the stuff above better.

Then there's the monogram options. Too many choices makes me a crazy person. I think I like
the fourth one and the last one... or maybe #13. I don't know what to pick! Want to pick for me??? I am so bad at this kind of thing... I can second guess myself for weeks on this kind of minor decision.

Lastly, something like one of these cute monogrammed signs would be really nice to have as a momento in our home, not to mention a cute piece of decor:
Just $16.00 found here

Or this huge shabby letter, $41.95 found here

Then there's this sweet family sign for just $24.95 found here

And I LOVE this with the added crown moulding for $35 found here

Then again, let's not forget the family name sign master, Susie at Bienvenue. Check out her darling signs with that added french touch, all very affordable! Find them here...

I think that both the Ballard monogrammed pillows as well as any of the family name signs from Etsy would be fabulous anniversary or wedding gifts that are custom, affordable, thoughtful, and memorable, not to mention classic. In fact, my sister's anniversary is just the day before mine, I think I'm going to get her one of the above, probably a family name sign. Now, which one? Hhhhmmmmmm....


Aimee said...

I think they are ALL beautiful choices. Whichever one you go with I'm sure will look beautiful!!!

Happy Anniversary to you both...

Have a great week!

Marie said...

Hello! Happy Anniversary ahead of time! I really like the Ballard Designs pillow you chose. I think it would look gorgeous in the Hemp Linen. And I would choose #7 - I like the italicized lettering and it's not too bold for the light Linen. And what a great sign - the one with the added crown moulding! I would love that for my home.


Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Happy Anniversary! I love monograms so much, I finally bought a machine that will do it for me! I'd forgo the burlap, in my opinion. Have fun shopping.

Blessed Mama said...

I love the idea of the linen with a chocolate monogram (#13 is pretty & simple). If you are feeling daring, the check would be fabulous! It is just a throw pillow & not an entire couch, so go for it! Also, I LOVE Susie Harris and Bienvenue. She is amazing! I think her "Est. (date)" signs with your last name would be beautiful! Good luck! :)

The Smith Family said...

Hey again. I promise I'm not stalking you... I just wanted to share this lamp shade tutorial. Thought of your last post when I saw it! She did an amazing job, and it kind of looks a little like the lamp shade that you need! I might still have to buy one already done, at target, bc I'm always tight on time, but just thought it was a good post!


Berchta said...

My parents' annuasary is coming up next month. I was wondering where I can buy good personalized anniversary gifts. I was trying so hard but with no luck so far.

ruthandnancy said...

love the shabby H, and for the monogramming, simple and clean style 7 is the winner for me...

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Oh Happy Day to you! I think you have some very sweet stuff picked out. I would be ever so honored to paint you a sign. Thanks for being so sweet~

paige said...

congrats on your anniversary & the cash gift too!
love ballards
love monogrammed goodies, always!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Congrats on your anniversary! Lovin' all the monograms. I'm not sure I could narrow it down.

Chrissy said...

Well, aren't you lucky!!! Just saw your note,don;t be silly,I cannot imagine taking on that kind of post,I have no patience at all,thats why mine are short and sweet!!! Awful day here,dark and rainy....think I will pull out some decor books and get lost in them,talk to you soon,Chrissy

Barnard said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!
very Beautiful Choices....

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henzy said...

happy anniversary. and i love love love all the letters and typography.