Tuesday, July 21, 2009

birds of a feather v. 4.0

A tres magnifique french boudoir done on a budget over at Parisienne Farmgirl {love that name!}

Barn House:

For more fabulous pictures of Barn House's latest event, check out Mimi Charmante. I am kicking myself for not living closer to these guys. I'da {is that a word?} gone nuts at this thing! If they ever come to the Alameda Flea Market, I am there. For sure. With cashola in hand baby! I'll even skip Starbucks for a couple months to save up to buy something from them, that's how crazy I am about them.

How to whitewash brick {for amazing results} at Frugal Farmhouse.

for glorious images of coral and coral inspired items, visit French Blue

An exquisitely beautiful kitchen on Willow Decor . Love everything about it - the toile armchairs, the beadboard walls, dark floors, old signage, everything. It's perfect.

What amazingness have you seen in blogland lately?


Jill said...


I also posted about missing Barn House this past weekend. They happen to be friends of mine and I hate missing their events! If you can ever head north, it is well worth it. Maybe they would do Alameda - their booth at Farm Chicks certainly got them lots of attention! Love all your photos today....Jill

Jen R. said...

Thanks for sharing those awesome pictures!

Willow Decor: said...

Thanks so much for featuring Willow Decor!! Btw, I added you to favorite blog listing. Heading over to check out some of the others - thanks for the tips!!

henzy said...

oh i love all the white with just hints of color. And the dark floors looks great.