Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shabby Bohemian Inspiration

Sorry I have been MIA all week. I heard about what this family went through this week and honestly I felt so grateful for my kids and I just wanted to focus on them. Blogging wasn't high priority. I guess it takes tragedy sometimes to put things in perspective. Now I am trying to focus on positive things like an upcoming project for my daughter's room. Ava is turning 2 in May and my sister is due with her first in May. She will be getting Ava's crib to use for her daughter, so I am starting to gather Ava's big girl bedding. I already bought her a bed, on super clearance at Pier One. Here is the image:

It's a twin though, and I only paid $50.00, for the complete bed. That was in my budget and I like the shape and texture, so I bought it. Would have loved an antique bed, but when you find a brand new bed with all the parts for such little dough, it's a no brainer. BTW, Ava's room is a beautiful medium blue {it was my husband's office in a former life} and although it is very untraditional for a little girl's room, it is darling. I bought her a vintage chandelier from a garage sale and she has these Simply Shabby Chic curtains from Target:

She also has a SSC dresser from Target, a cubside-find vintage nightstand and some toy bins from Land of Nod and a fabulous bohemian little hutch from my sister. I know, I know, pictures would be nice! I will share once I get the big girl bed in there and fix it all up. Which leads me to these next photos. I am not one to buy a bed set that all perfectly matches and then match it to the curtains, so although the SSC bedding is available at Target to match the curtains above, that is too easy. The insatiable bargain hunter and lover of mix-n-match vintage interiors in me will not allow me to spend $300 on perfectly matching bedding and curtains. No way.

So I will be compiling her bedding from a mix of garage sale vintage ticking stripe pillows, probably a french ticking stripe quilt from my Mom, possibly a matelasse and some SSC shams thrown in for good measure. But that could all change tomorrow. Here are some fabulous inspiration pics for the kind of look I hope to have in her room... I am thinking it's kind of cottagey, kind of shabby, kind of bohemian in the mix.

Love the bold fabric, gilt, and the birdcage. Too cute.

These colors are great. Her room is similar in more saturated shades of blue, pink, red and white.

Love the flea-market/modern/vintage mix of this picture.

This is just straight up gorgeous. No explanation necessary.

I like the details like the layered bed skirt, the layered window treatment, and the pops of blue.

OK, to me this is totally shabby bohemian. Love.

Again, love the hippie bohemian flare with the mosaics and pop of color on the ottoman.

Just a great bedding ensemble from Cottage Chic.

Love the saturated color mixed with white shabby elements, the layered bedding and the slight bohemian feel.

Oh, lest i forget a real-life fabulous bedroom, you must check out Miss Lola's over at Lola B's. Here's the link: I literally studied it for about 20 minutes when she first posted. Love.

Then of course, there is the queen of bohemian funk, Miss Robin Pearl Brown. Even though I have to live with a cleaner, less cluttered asthetic, I worship this woman and all her victorian madness and secretly wish I could live like this:
RRRrrrr, it won't let me post a photo so you'll have to visit the slide show. L-O-V-E. Have loved her forever and I have her book. If you aren't familiar, you must visit this fantasy world. OK, I got totally off track. Hope you enjoy the bedroom inspirations!



C Maisy said...

You are soooo smart!
Love all your ideas.
Can't wait for you to get it all together. I will be waiting patiently!!

Amber B. said...

Can't wait to see it! Love all of the inspiration photos.

Cherry's Jubilee said...

It will no doubt be gorgeous with your style!

Momovthree said...

Great ideas! I think it will look wonderful.
I know what you mean about tragedy bringing some perspective. I was also so upset to hear of their news. My son came up to me not long after I read about them and said, "Mommy get off the puter" and off I went.

Hill Country House Girl said...


Love the track you are on! Talk about picture perfect rooms! Thank you for the perspective, though, as I do love my family and home and all that it includes........well, maybe not ALL of it, but most of it!(the home part)You are right - the styling crew makes a huge difference in those magazine homes!Love your bohemian look!Thank you for your visit.

Kasey said...

I would LOVE to see your girls rooms, and thank you so much for doing a little link to Lola's room.
You are toooo sweet and I always love checking in with you.

Meg said...

What great inspiration ideas! I love the idea of a girl's room in blue... it will look fabulous. And the bed is adorable... what a steal! I can't wait to see pictures :) You have wonderful style and I love your blog!


Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Great inspiration! I am very excited to see the finished project! I am in love with pretty much everything Kasey does...especially Lola's bedroom, and I also have the book by Robin Brown...

coco said...

Love all the inspiration pics! What a deal on the bed...looks like it is all coming together, can't wait to see what you end up with!

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

Love all the pictures! Can't wait to see what you come up with for your daughter's room.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 and 3 year old girls and am looking to redecorate their shared room - it's VERY small, but you have given me hope!! I love your ideas and style. Please post on how the redo goes. I will look to you for inspiration. Off to visit the two links now.
Sandra in MD

Inspired Kara said...

Oh my goodness it's going to be LOVELY!!!

Musings From A French Cottage said...

Hi Kari!

I love all of your room inspiration photos! They are just gorgeous. I know with your style and oh-so-fabulous decorating knack, the room will be top notch!! Can't wait to see it - have fun decorating!


Nicole ~ said...

LOVE the photos!! I am really wanting to redo my bedroom, and now you have me thinking... I cannot wait to see your little girls room completed.

Reese & Marie said...

Boy, i hope I don't let you guys down! I am piecing this thing together with old, new, borrowed and blue. Mostly borrowed and old. Hah!