Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sweet Nostalgia

Every Tuesday my Mom, Grandmother and me and the girls get together. We rotate houses every week and most of the time we just visit and eat lunch and play with the girls. But frequently Mom and Grandma bring little presents for the girls {new outfits or toys} and sometimes I get something too.
Well, Grandma or Mimi as we affectionately refer to her, busted out today. She said that at a visit to my sister's house last week while looking at several little things from my Great-Grandmother she realized I have almost nothing from her. Because of weird family dynamics, Mimi got very few items from her Mother when she died. Between 11 brothers and sisters and all the generations after them, she got aced out pretty good. But I guess she managed to grab a couple of items others didn't deem valuable or nostalgic. I beg to differ.

Mimi came today with a bag of the sweetest items for me. I was so touched to receive these little treasures from my Portuguese Great Grandmother, the one married to a dairy farmer, the one who left the Azores at 18 never again making it back to see her own parents or family, the one who raised 11 children on a farmer's meager income during the depression. The one that I have memories of as a child, all of which I hold dear.
My Great Grandparents were such simple farm people. They had almost nothing and raised all 11 kids in a tiny little farmhouse. These things would have been very precious to her because they didn't have money for a lot of extras. Not only does this make these things extra special, it reminds me about how fortunate I am and how good I have it. I like to remind myself that generations of women before me did without many of the things I take for granted, and oh how these little farmers wife's treasures remind me of that. I am so grateful and how I wish times were simple like they were back then.... you know, bakin' pies and feedin' the chickens and raisin' the kids. So pure.
The vintage tablecloth under all the items was used by my Great Grandma, and the little butter knife was hers as well. She hand embroidered the little tea towel, and hand crocheted the doily and little pink potholder so tight it almost looks like tatting.
And of course, how darling is this little turquoise bird bath? My Mom gave me the little nest with 2, not 3, little eggs in it. Neva, my almost 5 year old said "Mom, you are the bird, and me and Ava are the little eggs!" My thoughts exactly.
Here is how I have displayed some of the items in my home. I put the doily under this darling teapot I got at a recent trip here in Roseville... if you remember, I blogged about meeting these people at the Alameda Flea Market. You can read about it here. How darling their shop is! I only wish I had my camera with me that day. You would have loved it. So paris-shabby-gardenish. Lovely.

Next us is the little birdbath. I put it in my favorite little shabby cabinet with the chicken wire back. This was a great anniversary present for my 5th anniversary from my parents. It houses my gorgeous crystal champagne flutes as well as some other lovelies.
Recognize the champagne bucket posted about here?
That's it for now... I knew you would appreciate this sweet nostalgic gesture!


Jackie said...

Beautiful things. I have a Portuguese great grandma too and I have that bee tea towel made by my Portuguese grandma (who is 95 and raring to go!).

Reese & Marie said...

Oh my gosh, Jackie!!! That is unbelievable! My Portuguese Grandma is 86 - how awesome are these women in our lives??? My Grandma still lives alone, shops by herself, runs all her own errands, gardens, knits, crochets, and more. Unbelievable! I can only hope I am doing that good at 60, let alone 86!

Momovthree said...

What a great post! How wonderful for you to receive these things and be able to treasure them for always. I love your family heirlooms, they are beautiful.

Renae said...

What a blessing for you to spend Tuesdays with your girls grandma and great grandma...such a treasure, take lots of pictures for the sweet memories!
I am a new follower of your blog....I really enjoy it!

C Maisy said...

Every single item is so precious.
Thank you so much for sharing some of your family history with all of us.
That is so sweet what your daughter said about the birds nest. They are so much for observant than we give them credit for.
i just adore following your blog. I find it genuinely awesome!!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

How special - you'll treasure these forever. PS - is there anything that isn't beautiful in your home?

Kasey said...

I think it's wonderful that you get together every week, and that your girls have that experience.
Looks like some lovely treasures!

Leigh said...

OH! What beauties you have! You have to link this to my thrifty thursday post this week. Its perfect!

Sheryl said...

How special! What beautiful treasures to give you lifelong memories!


Reese & Marie said...

Leigh, I would be honored to!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Those are lovely and the fact that they are heirlooms makes them even more wonderful. What a legacy these women have left you.

Cathy said...

True treasures. Love your chicken wire cupboard! Blessings on Tuesdays for all of you -- you're so wise to set aside time every week to share each others' lives.

Nicole ~ said...

These are priceless treasures. I think this was such a great gift to receive.

I believe we are all so fortunate and blessed to have the luxuries that our ancestors did not have. The things we take for granted such as air conditioners, indoor bathrooms, and refrigerators.

Thanks for sharing, Nicole.

Jeanneoli said...

I wish I could spend every Tuesday with my mom, grandma and daughter! You are truly blessed. I love your treasures!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

I love all those sweet pieces! I appreciate things like that from years gone by as well....they are to be cherished...and you have lovingly displayed them. cherry

Honey Bend Vintage said...

I loved finding your blog, what wonderful treasures~

Jill said...

Hi Kari,

First, I want to thank you for faithfully stopping by my blog! I love your comments and support. Now, can you bring some friends - ha,ha,ha!

Second, love how you incorporated these lovelies into your home. I have a few precious things from my Swedish grandmother that I have displayed in my home. They may not be just "perfect" but they have perfect meaning to me. What special reminders of those women who came before us. Have a splendid day!