Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shutter Update & Goodwill Finds

Thanks again for all the advice on my shutter dilemna yesterday. After reading all of it, I decided to try Chris & Nester's advice and turn the shutter on it's side. I would have stacked the other one on top, but then the clock would have to go somewhere, and it probably would have misplaced another item, so I opted for a blend. I think this works so much better spatially. I like the lightness, texture and symmetry. And I promise it looks so much better in person... refer to yesterday's post for a summation of my photography skills. Anyways, did I mention I have 2 more identical shutters, for a total of 4? So technically I could have lined them vertically across the back of the couch and had a whole wall of shutters, but it may have been too much. I hope that info doesn't change anyone's advice! I also put a "cute" little hole in the adjoining wall when I lost my grip on a shutter {dang those things are HEAVY} and hubs was like you did what to the shutter and what to the wall?

Anyways, tell me what you think. I can always tweak it some more.
Chris, if you're reading this, your plate arrangement suggestion made sense to me but it felt off to me with the size of the plates compared to the clock... I have more of each size if you think it would look better another way: I have 2 more large ones, and 2 more small ones.

I also dropped into Goodwill today. I found 3 decorator pillows in mint condition, minus part of the trim on this one. But doesn't it look fab on this dark chocolate patterned "friendship chair"? It has just the right aqua in the windowpane plaid, and it reminds me of men's suiting material, a good match for the ticking stripe window mistreatment. It was $3.

I also found these 2 cuties for $3 each. They smell brand new and they are the exact right grey/green/blue that i am trying to accessorize with in the living room.

For the record, I was in the same Goodwill last Friday and found nothing. It really pays to go often, and after the weekend. People bring in their yardsale leftovers or stuff they found around their house while doing weekend cleaning. I always find my best scores in the beginning of the week.

Last but not least is the updated dining room centerpiece... the 2 porch posts on the left I got at a thrift shop 2 weeks ago and have just made them into candle stands by doing nothing more than setting a candle on top. Wha-la. Instant candle garden.

That's it for now. Or until I tweak something again!


La Maison Fou said...

Just goes to say, you never know!

Amber B. said...

I like the new arrangement!!! Looks good!

Chrissy said...

Oh, I love those pillows!! Just got your note,sorry the reason I asked is because I finally sent Johns cousin in Ireland a big long e-mail,and all she got was a blank page,she said I did not push REPLY,so I thought if I did with yours you would think I was crazy!!Glad you came by,I have really enjoyed your last few posts,we'll talk soon,till then take care!! Chrissy

Nancy said...

I've been having fun looking at all the arrangements above the couch and I like all of them! The latest is great. I think it's because I really like the items in the grouping.

The candle grouping is neat, too. I've set pillar candles on top of huge old wooden bobbins. Not my fave thing, but what I had on hand at the time. Yours are neat.


Chris said...

That looks great , your solution was perfect , very well balanced.
Just beachy

Laura said...

I'm totally loving the new arrangement for your shutter! What a great wall and display.

Jen R. said...

You have such a great goodwill!

Christi said...

The shutters look great - I like them much better sideways. And the pillows are a great find. I agree that the beginning of the week is the best time to go.

Totally unrelated - have you considered showing your outside space/patio area? We caught a glimpse of it in your Price My Space post, & I'd love to see what you've done there!

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

I love this arrangement the best! I think the clock and plates look fantastic and the shutter is perfect on its side! Phooey on the small hole in the wall, it can be fixed. I hope my dh doesn't remove any frames from my picture wall upstairs, he would not be happy.
Thank you for checking out all my projects! Some times I score at the thrift store, I was way too loud when I found that candelabra, I think I embarrassed my poor mom. It was $5! We're in eastern Pa.
P.S. - I'm still hunting for my pay it forward stuff. Isn't that crazy? Ugh, I don't want to send just anything so we've been to flea markets and yard sales. It's turning out to be harder than I thought it would be!

Cottage Lifestyle said...

How about placing all the shutters together and hanging them vertically and then place the clock on top of the shutters? The plates could still go above depending on where you place the shutters.


Reese & Marie said...

That sounds like it would look soooo good. Problem: i just used 2 of the 4 shutters in my bedroom {actually they were in there for several weeks, i took them out, now they're back to stay} so I only have 2 to work with now. Which means it would look like it did in the post below this one. Thanks though!

james karlo said...

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